Training from Develop Capability Ltd

Our aim is to offer practical, cost effective training to organisations and individuals. Our training courses allow delegates to expand their IT, business and management skills. Case studies provide valuable insight and opportunity for individual assistance from our experienced trainers.

Delegates can expect a carefully designed training experience with a balanced mix of presentations, exercises and group discussions. In this way the courses will provide lasting benefits to both the delegate and their organisation.

Our course developer and main Tutor, Bal Matu, has over 20 years of experience in quality consultancy and is noted for his contributions to Management System Certification schemes, his commitment to teaching, and his auditing experience. As a Tutor he has the ability to draw upon practical business experience and to engage delegates in activities that expand their abilities as professionals.

On-site training is a very affordable and convenient way to train a team of people because you save significantly on travel and productivity costs.Training can be scheduled when it is convenient for you. Our tutors welcome input from the training coordinators and delegates and can emphasise particular course topics that are important to your organisation.

Some of the benefits of on-site training include:

  • Reduced cost

  • Reduced travel

  • Tutors with years of real-world experience

  • Schedule training to suit when you need it

  • Confidential discussions during classes

  • Tailored to your needs

Auditor and Assessor Training

This course is provided on an in-house basis and can be tailored to suit your specific needs. The training provides delegates with practical training in the techniques of Internal Auditing.

How will your company and you benefit?

Exercises are based on a Case Study which will help delegates to relate the requirements of the standard to their own business environment. Following the training delegates will be competent to host external audits and to plan, perform, report and follow-up internal audits.

Who should attend?

Quality Managers
Internal Auditors
Quality Co-ordinators
Project Managers

What makes this training superior?

  • Trainer is a Lead ¬†Auditor with over 20 years of auditing experience in certification auditing
  • Uses a Case Study
  • Can be tailored to use your own internal audit processes
  • Can use a live auditing exercise within your work place


The standard training includes the following

  • ISO 9001
  • Auditing Terminology
  • Auditor responsibilities
  • Types of audits
  • Planning audits
  • Creation and use of Checklists
  • Questioning techniques
  • Recording objective findings
  • Presenting findings to Management
  • Post audit activities


Number of delegates

Due to the practical nature of the training delegate numbers are restricted to 10


The training can be tailored, for example it is possible to tailor the training to convert existing Quality Auditors to Internal ICT or Software Auditors.


Auditor and Assessor Training


When performed on-site the training can be tailored to match your needs.